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Jeff Copeland
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Gary Pearson
Michael Donovan
Charles Bishop
Floyd Kane
Jeff Copeland
James Hartnett
Hannah Hogan
Alana Johnston
Kayla Lorette
Joey Lucius
Alex Spencer
AJ Vaage
Gary Pearson
Duncan McKenzie
Jerry Schaefer
Jan Caruana
Carolyn Taylor
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Mike Allison
Bob Kerr
James Hartnett
Alana Johnston
Kayla Lorette
Jen Goodhue
Alistair Forbes
Carmine Lucarelli
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Jan Caruana
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Dennis Saunders
Richard Mortimer
Paul O'Sullivan
Stephen Reynolds
Michael Kennedy
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Allan Kennedy

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David Anderson
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Jon Burke
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Matt Jaeschke
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Luke Dewitt
Arthur Cormak
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Troy Strum
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Tim Foy
Paul Koffman
Michael Ferrington
Ian Harvey
Mike Grootenboer
Todd Foster
Rena Moir
Ken Petersen
Dennis Kutchera
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Digital Samurai ltd.

Executive in Charge of Production
Tracey Jardine
Manager Business/Legal Affairs
Marla Boltman
SVP Legal Affairs
Mark Gosine
Production and Development Manager
Angela Boudreault
Director of Finance
Tim Gill
Director of Production Finance
Derek Rolls
YTV Executive
Leah Wolfson
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