About Us

Welcome to So Weird TV, home to some very special television shows and the amazing, astounding, world-famous Jamco commercials.
Our Studio: Our TV network is located in a former Jamco product testing facility on a dusty back road near a swamp. For many years we used the site to test everything from magnetic oven mitts to lamps powered by hamsters running on those little wheels. Not everything worked- but a lot of it did. 
Jamco ads: The Big Boss soon realized he needed to spread the word about these mind-blowing products so people would actually buy them. He decided the best way to do that was to start a TV network that produced incredible Jamco ads and some TV shows too. The testing facility was quickly turned into a television station and So Weird TV was born.
Our Shows: The network has created some interesting shows like “Puppy Chefs”, “Comb Your Brother’s Head” and “Puppies Combing a Chef’s Head” but these shows – like some of our products – just didn’t seem to work.  It became obvious Weird needed some new ideas. That’s when Alana came on the scene.

The Crew

Alana is the station manager and it really was her lucky day when she walked into the Weird building looking for a bathroom. She accidently stumbled into a network meeting and the Big Boss spotted her. He pointed a big finger at her and demanded she tell him a good TV show idea. Alana immediately suggested a show about letting pets pick out what their owners should wear. Lo and behold – she was hired on the spot! Also, everyone else was fired.
Alana’s first job was to find staff. Since none of her friends had jobs, she quickly hired all of them. Even though they had no experience in running a TV network, they all liked each other and knew each other’s allergies. Plus they all promised to eat the Jamco food products no matter how gross they were. So Weird TV has never looked back. Tons and tons of people are watching! Well, maybe it’s just a dozen or so on the popular nights, but at least the Jamco ads are now on television... It’s only a matter of time before the message spreads and Jamco takes over the world!
So remember – watch Weird!


Dear So Weird TV Viewers;
We get letters every day asking us questions like “What the heck is So Weird TV?”, “How does So Weird TV run?” and “What the heck is So Weird TV?”. As you can see, many questions are repeatsies. In order to satisfy our viewers, we have put together this FAQ Sheet. FYI…FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions. And FYI stands for For Your Information. Now you’re in the know (or ITK…okay…I just made that one up)
Q: OK…Seriously, what the heck is So Weird TV?
A: So Weird TV is a television station for weirdos by weirdos. We love TV. So we took all the things we love the best and mashed them into shows we think you will enjoy. 
Q: Alana, aren’t you just a kid like me? 
A: Yeah. So what?
Q: How did you get to run your own TV Station?
A: Oh. Sorry for getting defensive.
Q: Well?
A: Well what?
Q: How did you get to run your own TV Station?
A: I went in to this building because I had to use the washroom (I was drinking all this water, because I was thinking about chips and it made me thirsty) and walked right into the middle of a meeting. This dude was talking to these other dudes and he was all like “Rar rar rar…your TV show ideas stink!” and like “Blah blah blah I bet this kid could come up with a better idea!” then I go “What about a show where pets pick out what their owner’s wear or something like that?” and the main dude was all like “YOU’RE HIRED” and he made everyone else leave. Then he gave me the keys to the building, said “Don’t mess this up, kid” and walked out the door.
Q: That sounds weird.
A:  I know, right?
Q: Who are all the other people?
A: They’re my friends*. I knew I couldn’t do this myself. Who would I race on the wheelie chairs? Myself? Yeah right! So I called my BFF Kayla, we hung up some posters and a beaded curtain, and a new TV station was born. All the other crazies you see around here are people we met along the way who we thought were cool.
Q: So you own the station?
A: No. The station is owned by this company called Jamco. Jamco’s like our dad. They give us money and sometimes tell us what to do.
Q: Oh…like all those weird commercials?
A: Yeah. The money they give us is like an allowance…and the commercials are like chores. We gotta do ‘em.
Q: Why?
A: I dunno. They toss around words like “advertising revenue” and “profits” and junk, but when they start their jibba jabbas I usually start daydreaming about stuff. Like a man eating a light bulb. It’s pretty fun to make the ads, so whatevs, right? Besides…we mostly make AJ eat all the gross stuff, so it’s totally fine.
Q: So is it fun?
A: Totally.
Q: How can I get to run my own TV station?
A: I guess it is all a matter of being in the right place at the right time. Don’t tell anyone, but most of the time I don’t know what I’m doing.
Q: Are you sure you should say that on the internet?
A: What?
Q: Nothing.
A: Okay.
Well that’s it everyone. If you have any questions email me.
Seriously…I basically do nothing all day except Jamco commercials, so getting email is a nice break in the day!