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AJ Vaage (pronounced Vogue-E) was born in Edmonton, Alberta. He began improvising in high school and soon joined Rapid Fire Theatre where he performed in a weekly Theatresports show. He was enrolled in the University of Alberta in the Pre-Veterinary Medicine Program. He has appeared in several plays, short films, and has other television credits with YTV and CBC. AJ spends most of his time writing sketch and music. He is thrilled to be a part of the third season of That's So Weird!. "Working with the teams from DHX Media and YTV has been a great experience and the third season will be even better!"

Q & A

Q: David Suzuki…National Treasure or Human Monster?
A: Treasure Monster?

Q: In the future, what will everyone wear?

A: One piece silver suits

Q: What sport should be included in the upcoming Olympics?
A: LARPing (Live Action Role Playing)

Q: Which invention do you wish you invented?

A: Time

Q: How many mini cupcakes do you think you could eat without throwing up?
A: One way to find out!

Q: What word should be banned from the English language?
A: Superfluous....it's so superfluous!!

Q: The internet?

A: This isn't really a question...

Q: If you could have any pet, which pet would it be?
A: Gorillashark

Q: What is the best red thing you can think of?

A: Mars

Q: Place you wish to see before you die?

A: The sun

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